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If you are interested in letterpress, lithographic printmaking, illustration or bookartbook-making workshops, please email me directly These upcoming workshops will run on a regular basis from my studio in Bow, London. 


How it all started:

In the post-graduation recession of 2009, my friend and photographer Chloe Edwards and I, who both graduated from a Fine Art degree were awarded live/work accomodation with the Bow Arts Organisation. This meant that we could stay in London and alongside part-time work, focus on our artwork. Our live/work home was in Mile End in a dying block of flats, that has since been flattened. It is here that Amelie and I printed Next-to-Nothing and it was here that Chloe and I founded The Emporium. We led lithographic printmaking, black and white darkroom and pinhole camera making workshops. After a year of arts in the east end community we were offered a residency with the Outer London Fund to take over an empty shop in Whitton, Richmond. The residency was for 6 weeks where we provided free workshops for the community. We transported the lithographic press across town and built a shed to house the dark-room in. We led a variety of workshops from lithographic printing to pompom making to all ages and all abilities. 


The Emporium exists today providing Pinhole Passport Booths at festivals. I teach printmaking workshops from my Bow Arts studio and have been fortunate to work with Bexley Mencap in the making of The Cat Circus installation. In April 2015 I led printmaking and bookbinding workshops at the Lismore Book Festival in Ireland


Jessica Jane Charleston

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