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For hand-printed letterpress business cards and invitations please contact me directly for a quote: jessicajanecharleston@gmail.com


Shed Press Publications was founded in 2010 by myself and Amelie Genestine-Charlton. Amelie is a bookbinder and together we build hand-printed letterpress publications. Our first book, Next-to-Nothing, a book of 9 poems by David Charleston and 5 hand-printed black and white photographs was printed on an 8 x 5 Adana press in a limited edition of 102 only. Following the success of Next-to-Nothing, we acquired an Arab treadle press and a handsome amount of type. We have hand-printed a lino and letterpress vinyl record cover and various book jackets. We are currently working in collaboration with the award-winning poet Tony Mitton for our next publication. Please visit www.shedpress.org for further information on upcoming publications and events. 


In addition to working with Amelie, I use letterpress printing for my own publications and practice. Recently I have been working with the Bow Arts Trust printing book jackets for the exhibitions at The Nunnery gallery. 



Amelie and I posing in our studio. Some serious Shed. 

Next-to-Nothing, letterpress publication. Photographs taken by Chloe Edwards

Allotment letterpress poetry book cover in collaboration with Jardine Press. Poetry by David Charleston

The Wave Pictures Helen Vinyl cover: Hand-printed edition of 52 only, foil blocking and lino printing. Photos taken by Siyu Chen

Boo-Bah Catalogue for Mary Barnes Exhibition. Letterpress book jacket with hand-binding. Edition of 55 only. Commissioned by Bow Arts Trust. 

Letterpress business cards, hand-printed on a Flat-bed Adana Press

Letterpress invitations. On the left: type set in flat-bed Adana and Arab press chase ready for printing On the right: The outcome! A beautiful hand-printed letterpress invitation.

Jessica Jane Charleston

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